Tuesday, September 18, 2012

off the runway

leandra medine, commonly known as "the man repeller," wore this t-shirt last week (the text reading: all blogs post the same stuff)
in my hopes of being "different" and separating my blog from others (which essentially is the point of having a blog, to showcase yourself, correct?) I will not post traditional runway photos from NYFW but instead, share these brilliant snaps New York Magazine shot during.
these are a reflection of what we don't normally get to see when scrolling through each show at style.com, trying to find which Spring '13 outfits we liked best. while it's all about being in the know of the upcoming trends, it's also great to get a perspective of the present. what is inspiring people right now, and who is currently relevant? why do we care so much and why are we drawn to certain images?
this collection of photos hopefully gives you all a good aspect of what I'm trying to get at...


Duck said...

I love this post, especially the shot of Anna and Victoria laughing - it's so rare to see! I saw Leandra's t-shirt last week, she's so hilarious. And sadly pretty true :(

shirish said...

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These are cute photos!:)

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Amy Joy said...

Fell in love with Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour picture. Captures the moment to perfection.

Clara Turbay said...

love it so chic!