Sunday, September 9, 2012

do the creep

no, I'm not talking about The Lonely Boys' SNL skit, "the creep," with nicki minaj...
rather, in fashion terms the creeper shoes are what I'm referring to (though it's very possible to do snl's "creep" dance while wearing creepers)

thanks to the late 1940s - 1950s teddy boys, us fashionistas can strut around the streets in these rebellious-looking, yet upmost trendy shoes. of course, they're nothing new (designer Nathan Jenden even featured them in his 2007 runway collection) but like all fashion, each trend seems to relive itself more than once. so here we are again & creeper shoes are back.

I was inspired by Oyster Mag's article on 'top 10 creepers' to blog about these iconic shoes & compile some of my favorite designs:

underground 'camaro' $170, sold at asos
BANK fashion 'bronx' $120
topshop 'underground $250
AX paris 'brogue' $50
jeffrey campbell 'kipper' $84, sold at solestruck
UNIF 'grim' $196

what is your favorite creeper style? or do you even dig it? tell me in the comments.


sepatuholic said...

I know that it is in again... but I just cannot go back to then... which is now style...
Greattttttt post tho!

t said...

cool shoes

Alizée said...

I love creepers ! your selection is awesome !

Bisous xx