Tuesday, January 20, 2009


for PR homework I read about how there are at least 175,000 new blogs a day. I suppose my blog will contribute to this large number.

thinking about blogs makes me look back on my Xanga days, so long ago I can't even remember my username(s). I wish I saved some of those entries because I updated that frequently and it held a lot of high school memories, if I remember correctly...not that I care for those anymore but it'd be nice especially for when I'm procrastinating. it's actually bugging me that I don't remember any of this, even with my old livejournal accounts, I have no idea how to access any of my old entries. I used to like doing that freshman year of college, I guess just to reflect on the old days; but even if I hate thinking about how square my high school experience was, I think it would be interesting to look back at those entries from time to time. just a thought...