Wednesday, October 27, 2010


it was my birthday yesterday and unlike the other ridiculous college birthday celebration I've had in the past, I took this year as an opportunity to finally embrace the fact that I am now 22, out of college, in the real world, and still recovering from my epic 21st birthday which resulted in me spending the next day in the emergency room.

that was a year ago and I have grown. meaning, I am over going buckwild in the clubs. no hollywood, no hermosa pier, just a mellow night at a local bar with good food and good company. that's my definition of the perfect, post-college birthday.

my 'rority sister, me and my pinot grigio ... wearing my Winter Kate silk cardi

the Michael Kors rose gold watch has been in my dreams for a year so I was ecstatic that my mother ever so kindly gifted it to me. to finally have my own is kind of unreal. first off, I'm not a watch-wearer. any watch that has been on my wrist for the past decade(s) has either been embarassing (remember baby-g?) or not functioning (as equally embarassing). so I'm glad that I now have a watch I can wear on the daily. go ahead, ask me what time it is.

another great birthday gift was the L.A. sun coming out yesterday (and it's even brighter today!) along with my latest news story on taking the #1 spot on our 'top stories.' couldn't have been a better day. now if only I can sleep in longer....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

true blue

Xu Chao for French Grazia April 26 '10

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cute kids modeling. 'nuff said.

When I was 6 years old, I can clearly remember the feeling of having a mother that is obsessed with fashion dressing up her one and only daughter (me) in the poofiest of poofy dresses, play clothes with a hat to match every color and pattern of the ensemble. It was a treacherous ride for the, nearly 8 years it took me to learn how to dress myself and develop my own sense of style, which you can imagine went the extreme opposite of the Gymboree or Nordstrom get ups my mom would force me to wear. Though I hated it at the time, I look back on old photos and think, "hey, I looked pretty cute in that polka dot jumper"...and sometimes I even wish my mom continued to dress me throughout middle school where my style got progressively Nike oriented (my tomboy phase). That is why, when I saw this article about the kid models for the Australian line Witchery, I couldn't keep silent.

Circling the world wide web is this photo controversy of the child models posed in Witchery's lookbook for kids. As you can see, the tots are not stanced like Gap Kids models, who are cheery and bubbly - just as kids should be...right?

When I first saw these pictures, I couldn't get over how cute the kids looked in their cargos and booties. My thought process went a little like this: "OMG! ... I would probably wear that ... how cute! ... this is a little weird, though ... I wish I was that cool looking when I was 5 ... I wish I looked that cool now.."

Nowadays, I get the feeling that kids are growing up way too fast. The availability of cell phones, the ridiculous television shows they watch (in comparison, my '90s generation shows had it made), their increased curiosity/experimentation of sex now begins as young as kindergarten, from what I've heard. Knowing this, I was not surprised to see these "disturbing" images from Witchery.

Personally, I love the photos. If anything, it shows how good these kids can model and how chic they look in these clothes. On the other hand, I do see the arguments being made from neurotic parents and children's charity spokespeople that hate the photos. One said, "The whole point of early childhood is to be joyous and free." So true in this case where the child models keep straight faces and hold high-fashion inspired model stances. In all honesty though, do the photographers expect children to act this way naturally? I'm sure a great amount of direction was made to achieve these vogue-esqe images, being that kids run on sugar constantly. Still, it surprises me how good the children are at posing this way, maybe they've been interpellated to believing this is how a model should look like - even at age 5.


Witchery says "the next generation is here," and it really is. Think of how many child actors we have today.. there barely are any that are at least relevant to me. Still the only person I can think of is Dakota Fanning and to my dismay, she has grown up. Maybe the problem here is not with Witchery, but with society in general - it is moving fast, the economy may not be, but I'm sure as hell that the population is and their obsession with media and technology is along for the ride.

Also, how often was it before (aka 1999) to see kids in gossip magazines for adults? Every other second we see Suri Cruise or the Jolie-Pitt clan on the glossy pages. Do kids even read Bop or TigerBeat anymore? Do those magazines even exist still?

My whole point here is that the images are far from disturbing because they are highlighting the type of grown-ups that kids look up to these days. Models, bikers, hipsters...whatever you see posed in this spread is a reflection of the "coolness" society is heaving on its jovial offspring.

images via The Cut, Witchery

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

moss `n diddy

thank you, Taylor Jacobson, for posting this 1999 editorial shot by Annie Leibovitz on your blog today, reminding us that fashion and photography are timeless.

Friday, October 8, 2010

nicole is "priceless"

last wednesday, Nicole Richie came out to The Grove in LA for a book signing to promote her latest, "Priceless"

hoping that I would at least have one companion to travel to West Hollywood with to attend this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, my luck was shot as none of my LA friends were available. BUT I had a mission and nothing was going to stop me from meeting my celebrity girl crush. so I made the trek alone.. nervous, anxious, and so fucking excited.

thankfully, I got to Barnes a little early and the line wasn't extremely long, to my surprise. I waited for over an hour and was time to meet Nicole.

she's seriously even more gorg in person than she already is in pictures or tv...I heart her.

I'm about 5 chapters in and so far, so good! I honestly was not expecting much from her (or I guess, even her ghost writer's) writing skills but the story has me hooked and the dialog between the characters is very amusing and even hilarious at times. I can't wait to read what happens next!

until then, here's a bit of her latest from House of Harlow 1960 tribal collection:

really affordable and chic. to see the full line, visit the Trend Boutique

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

long live McQueen

Sarah Burton carries on the McQueen name and ever so beautifully. check out her first Spring 2011 collection:

see the rest here

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Monday, October 4, 2010

japan meets paris

this is what happens when you mix the modern and cartoonish art of Takashi Murakami with 17th century artwork at the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles in France

while I love the juxtaposition of the two elements, japanese and parisian art, do you think Marie Antoinette would approve?

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