Wednesday, November 23, 2011

it's november but...

the world has been counting down the days til christmas. 
it feels as though the holiday season crept up slowly these past few weeks. 
with all the lit up buildings and trees around 5th ave, the opening of Union Square's holiday market, and of course Gaga's Workshop inside Barney' me it just feels christmas is coming all too soon.
not that I'm complaining
quite the opposite, actually. christmas means that I get to be home finally and enjoy some freedom from the books, while I catch up with my fam and favorite friends.
oh, and not to mention getting presents from santa.
and speaking of santa...
if you're having trouble shopping for presents here's a very posh and trendy (and not to mention utterly marketable, innovative take on advertising) "12 Days of Christmas" music video/lookbook from NMRKT that is sure to inspire creativity in your gift-giving.

you should definitely watch all installments but here are my favorites:

Eleven Pipers Piping | Eight Maids A Milking 
Six Geese A Laying | Five Golden Rings

Saturday, November 12, 2011

fux with the 1%

I know, I know. it's November but I had to post about my first nyc halloween.

I joined my friend Jason at the Standard Hotel for Susanne Bartsch's halloween bash. turned out to be a very flamboyant, very over-the-top, but stunning night of outrageous costumes (some of the best I've ever seen in my life) and techno music.

with halloween being so close to my birthday, I always find it a point to dress up, considering it's an extension of my bday celebration too - not selfish of me at all.
I had a gnarly eye infection so I had to be creative with my costume and incorporate my glasses somehow. naturally, I went with some cultural inspiration from the occupy wall street movement and hence, I dressed up as the 1% (fux with me)
if you don't understand who the 1% is, read this article from Tiger Beatdown

being politically incorrect is always the best route to go if you run out of costume idea, I suppose. such a coincidence that Jason was an OWS construction worker, which made for a perfect costume duo.
while I'm not exactly sure how big of a statement we made that night, the growth of this wall street protest has hit almost all corners of the world, it's pretty incredible. I was in new york when the first protests broke out so I really feel like I'm a part of history - in essence, we all are.

for a breakdown of what's been going on in Atlanta, Oakland, China, New York City, and everywhere else occupiers are, click through here and get updated, there's a ton happening and much change to be made.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$ so tall that my barbie's gotta climb it

it's no surprise that finally, an ... eccentric Barbie doll has been born. 

with the development of a new tween generation - you know, the ones that text, play on their iPads and tumblr post non-stop, in addition to incessantly watching those horrible MTV shows like Skins, Teen Mom, Teen Wolf? I don't even know anymore...but kids today are different than those of the '90s and prior. their interests are different, trend-based. and this is where Barbie steps up her game, tattoos and all. 

wow. she's more bad ass than me.

Tokidoki always puts out the most vibrant, off-the-wall fashion accessories & toys which make the brand a perfect partnership for Mattel/Barbie, in my opinion. though this doll comes off a bit Jerseylicious meets Courtney Love circa 1990whatever, the fact of the matter is that kids these days aren't dressing a far cry from this. I'm almost positive you can find a similar outfit (minus the glitter platforms) worn by Disney channel actors.

the tattoos and pink hair make this Barbie a product of her time. the fact that children are idolizing Nicki Minaj nowadays (hello, Sophia Grace!) who contributes greatly to our culture shift in style, fashion & music, I don't understand the assaults poor tokidoki Barbie is getting.

ultimately, this is a collector's and limited edition doll, so most of these are probably in the hands of people over the age of 18, who could give 2 shits about her punk style. plus if you're going to name Barbie's cactus-dog pet "Bastardino," even more of a reason to release this as a doll for adults.

due to so much controversy with parents whining about the possibilities of their precious daughters wanting to get tatted up after playing with tokidoki Barbie, Mattel was forced to issue a statement which follows:

“Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 fashion designers over the years.  From Versace to Vera Wang, Tarina Tarantino to Christian Louboutin, Barbie has sported an endless array of styles.  Many of Barbie’s most pop-culture couture outfits have been designed for the adult doll collector.”

knowing myself years ago as a pre-teen, if I were growing up today no doubt this doll would 100% be on my xmas wish list. but in hindsight, if you're a parent, would you really spend $50 on a collector's edition doll just so your bratty tyke can play with it? (I've had experience with my prized Spice Girls dolls being abused by little cousins...I learned my lesson)

child/teen actors that take rides on the crazy train should be more of a concern to parents rather than a plastic toy doll. I'm no psychologist, but I can bet the actions of real life people that your kids love & watch everyday on tv & film have a greater impact on ruining their future in comparison to a pink-haired Barbie doll.

see more tokidoki Barbie greatness here