Tuesday, April 26, 2011

don't want to talk. all i hear is noise.

my cousins and I standing by the shore...well, the San Francisco Bay...

can I just tell you all about how obsessed I am with Empire of the Sun? since their uberly stellar coachella performance, I cannot get enough of these guys and have no idea how I ever lived without their music prior.

I felt compelled to post this song because I just got great news in the mail regarding a big white envelope sent to me by a university in New York, enclosing an acceptance letter to their grad school program. !!! I do have much to think about and have heard a slew of opinions and words of encouragement but since I have a couple weeks to turn in my decision...right now, all I hear is noise (but don't get me wrong...I'M SO EXCITED)

"standing on the shore"

Thursday, April 21, 2011


best weekend of my life.
in sum: walking miles in the blazing sun and dirty desert ground for hours, blisters, sunburns, and extreme weather changes from 100 degrees to 60. no sleep, lots of calorie consumption, people watching (i.e. fanny pak, rob kardashian, whitney port, lo bosworth..), discovering new and amazing music, dancing like no one was watching. 5 minute showers, wearing the same outfit twice (do not judge me!), taking zero pictures - literally, dying cell phones, and getting lost in the sea of crowds. jamming to the best live music and seeing some of my favorite artists which I've loved since my childhood, and experiencing all of this with my friends (in addition to making new ones) was priceless.

day one: cold cave, skrillex, a-trak, afrojack, kele, marina and the diamonds, the black keys, kings of leon, robyn, boys noize

day two: erykah badu, glasser, yelle, chuckie, laidback luke, mumford & sons, animal collective, empire of the sun, arcade fire

day three: wiz khalifa, nas & damien marley, jimmy eat world, death from above 1979, duck sauce, the strokes, kanye west

images via pitchfork media

Monday, April 11, 2011

festival fever

my ideal coachella outfits.
though of course, impossible since I am not carrying more than 1 duffel, 1 pair of sandals/shoes and 1 hat.
but just for kicks...

Robyn "Handle Me"

Mumford and Sons "Little Lion Man"

Ryan Leslie "How it Was Supposed to Be"

images via polyvore.com

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


as some, or none, of you may know I have zero piercings on my body. yeah, you read that right. ZERO. unlike every other asian mother out there, mine never pinned me down to a chair at the mall to get my ears pierced. however, now it seems as though all the lost years of having a daughter without pierced ears caused strife and occasionally she'll say "you'll look good in earrings" or something along those lines.

so here I am, turning 23 in half a year still without piercings - though I did dabble in a little rebellion as a sophomore and got my nose pierced but that lasted for a good year or so. in the working world filled with cubicles and briefcases, it's taboo to have visible piercings in unconventional places like your lip or eyebrow so those are out of the question.

living so long with bare ears has made dressing up a ton easier, as I don't have an extra body part to accessorize. of course, I can opt to wearing just one pair of earrings a day but what's the fun in that? so the million dollar question is: will I ever get my ears pierced? perhaps... but just so I can wear these from Chanel: