Sunday, January 3, 2010


I dedicate my 100th post to Chanel and why it is the true apple of my eye.

the below images are a reflection of how Chanel can transform any aspect of life to sheer class.

who would pass up a sport if that person knew she could play with Chanel equipment? I wouldn't..

for a mere $2,750 you can ski in class, or fish for $18,000 worth of fishing rods. hell, you can ride in style with the signature quilted leather bicycle for $17,000! what a steal...

the best feature of this bike: the detachable flap bags that can be used as individual purses. amazing.

even better, Karl hasn't forgotten about safety first so here's the Chanel helmet that even comes with an iPod connector!

scooters are all the rage right now (I could be making that up, though...) at least in la, where my school's public safety prides itself in circling the campus in their sedgeway scooters. if you want to ride the classy way, I suggest investing in one of these beauties

not sure if it's being manufactured yet but it was announced earlier in 2009 so hopefully soon!

if you're into different modes of transportation other than a bicycle, I suggest driving this Chanel coupe

it's only a concept car but a girl can dream, right?
watch the video of the south korean student, Jin Young Jo, that designed the car here.

what I really love, though, is this acoustic guitar. I swear, if I was a guitar player I'd be strumming these strings even if it would cost me $4,030!

are you a surfer? I certainly am not (I tried, I failed, I gave up) but if I were I'd catch waves with the Chanel surfboard but since I'm not, wouldn't it also be a fun decorative piece for an apartment? at $3,875 it can be yours.

for the working individual, here's a briefcase that can very well fit everything you need...or at least everything you need that's specifically Chanel (a 2.55, makeup, powder and rouge, sunglasses, and print a Chanel Logo iPod)

if you're ever in Paris and want to experience a night in Coco Chanel's home life, I suggest staying at the Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz

for $4,300 per night it's one of the world's most expensive hotel suites (according to the travel channel)

doesn't this make you want to win the lotto? happy sunday!

here's some Fifi Lapin to brighten your day :)

everything via sybarites, ifitshipitshere, swipelife, louisvuittonsale, fifi lapin flickr stream


Dream Sequins said...

That Chanel helmet is actually ADORABLE. Love it!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

I LOVE this post hun!! Chanel can do no wrong.. i would seriously give up my left arm for the bike or stay in that suite for a night!

Happy New Year!



Elizabeth Marie said...

I really need a a Chanel surfboard. AHHH ONE DAY!

Krissy said...

Congrats on 100 posts! :D I reached that milestone a little while ago so it was exciting for me too. And what better topic to dedicate your 100th to than Chanel. Elegance. Class. Perfection.

Posh said...

Haha, such lovely and funny items! <3

Congratulations on your 100th blogpost!

Mimi said...

the chanel post is a great idea.i just love this brand.

p.s. the pics of mila kunis you posted earlier are breathtaking and so inspiring.