Tuesday, December 15, 2009

intergalactic planetary

one can draw so much inspiration from what cannot be seen with the naked eye...

it's really hard to avert your gaze off these images because there's so much to notice. from such obscure shapes to the unexpected & magical colors that these gaseous clouds give off...there seriously can't be anything as amazing (besides an exploding volcano. or chocolate flavored pinkberry.)

I was never really in to astronomy. the only milky ways I'm interested in are the chocolate kinds. still, I can't deny how fascinated I am by the fact that millions of miles away are these planets and other galaxies that the avergage person has no idea about, yet we find inspiration from them in everyday things. and now, especially in fashion.

definitely the ring leader for this galactic trend is Peter Pilotto (comprised of designers, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos) with their 08/09 collection:

via paristocrats

I love that there are no limits with mixing patterns and colors here. still keeping in theme with the unexpectedness of the galaxy. but still you can take just one piece and still stand-out. the new fall 09 line is inspired by the Big-Bang and you can watch the video here.

Risto Bimbiloski is another master at taking space age prints and making them into wearble works of art for men and women:

shop the rest of the collection at Assembly New York

quite less literal is SHABAD, taking the shapes and colors of the galaxy and translating that to a tye-dye version. so this isn't like the print-making we see in Pilotto or Bimbiloski but you still get the impression that you're looking at something of cosmic formation.

shop the rest of the collection here.

Christopher Kane also uses the cloud print for this lustfut sheer jacket at Opening Ceremony

shop it here.

soooo all this galaxy talk put me in a Beasite Boys mood, so here it is...INTERGALACTICCCC

galaxy images via justforgiveme


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fantastic post!!!! I am intrigued by all things universe.... can anyone's mind fully wrap around this whole idea of a galaxy (galaxies!?)? Not mine. I'm off to check these designers out, thank you so much!

confessions of a marc addict. said...

such an interesting post...all of those collections and pieces are amazing. i've never really thought about the galaxy in the context of clothing before, but i now really like the idea of it. thanks for sharing (:

Anonymous said...

love your blog. this post is mindblowing & i love how inspirational you show the collections to be...


Chelsea said...

Amazing post. Really got me thinking and great fashion references.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful!!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

I'm a huge fan of nebulas and tie dye, so as you can imagine, I'm kinda shitting my pants over these pictures.



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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. And I love your blog! Check out mine: annikafilippa.blogspot.com

kim J said...

the stars and whatnot are such cool inspirations for fashion. great post :)

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

Ljubica said...

I really love these pieces, the prints are so beautiful