Saturday, October 24, 2009

the sartorialist

october 22, 2009
beverly center terrace
los angeles, california
the sartorialist book signing
an unforgettable night.
it made my life (almost) complete.

scott schuman is seriously one of the nicest people (famous figures) I have ever met, and I'm sure everyone that's attended a book signing can say the same.

each and every photo is so special.

free wine! and lots of desserts :)
p.s. do you like my inspired braid?

the crowd was so different from the typical LA vibe that I get every time I'm in hollywood. it was so refreshing to be part of a crowd that was (for the most part) so fashionable and cultured.

there were, however, a ton of aspiring bloggers that want to be "the next sartorialist"...please lol

more pictures to come soon! (aka once my friend uploads them onto facebook haha)


scott and I sharing a moment :)

my loves


Krissy said...

Oh wow. Sounds like it was an amazing event to attend! I'm a wee bit jealous. Haha.

And in case I hadn't mentionned numerous times, you're adorable. ;D

SteFon said...

I really like that guy and his vision...Lucky you !! i miss the signin moment in Paris because of work lol !!!Stupid !!! But i'm sure u had good time thanx to your blog come have a look to mine xxxxx

hannahlizabeth said...

i'm jealous, free wine? haha.

looks like you had fun though and i do love your wang braid!


lowra said...

dude that is awesome. you need to come to new york. lots of book signings, amazing fashion, and lots of openings with free wine. I met amy astley, editor in chief for teen vogue, last week at her book signing. It's a good month for fashion run ins! Next week ruben toldedo!

kirstyb said...

ooooh free wine wish i was there lol xoxox

PlanetLumiere said...

he's great (and so is your braid!)



thanks for the lovely comment! love your blog, especially your side bar pictures, i'm inspired : )


So, was he kind in person? There was lots of mixed feelings recently around his person, especially after his romance with another Blogger.