Sunday, October 18, 2009

more rouge?

so here I am watching the season 3 dvd box set of Beverly Hills, 90210 wondering if any '90s trends will come back. I open my laptop and boom. my questions are answered. coincidentally the latest post from Forever 21's blog, The Skinny, featured "berry dark lips," the look of the season. it's no wonder why I've been contemplating buying dark lipstick-I see it everywhere, but most recently on Beverly Hills, which is funny because that was...oh, 10 years ago? what other than the '90s exemplified the beauty of taking rouge to another level..

case in point: Brenda Walsh

are we getting '90s fever? I think I am. it's better than having swine flu.

here are some new inspirations for both you and me. ALSO WhoWhatWear has great advice on tackling this look, where to buy the perfect shade, etc. etc. here!


Strutt said...

nice spot!!!
i like it !!
it suits the time now to
although it is from the past
the dark color makes a look
have such a classical yet modern appeal
..just sayin!

PlanetLumiere said...

definitely a do this season!


M a z p e said...

i have to try thiss

Lilee said...

amazing. i don't think i could pull it off though!

lara said...

Great post,love it!!!

Macy said...

LOVE dark lips. It adds so much more to an outfit in my opinion

lowra said...

might have to trade in the jar of vaseline for the berry rouge