Thursday, October 11, 2012

eye for an eye

today is World Sight Day and TOMS created a new eyewear line that gives sight to those that need it; same idea as the "one for one" shoes, but this new program gives in exchange either a pair of prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment with the purchase of TOMS sunglasses.

each of the sunnies have a unique TOMS feel to them, with markings of stripes along the stems (each represent something about giving - one stripe represents you, the middle TOMS, and the edge is the person in need), and not to mention are very chic. here are some of my favorite pairs from their collection:

the Maverick in gold . the Marisol in tortoise . the Lobama (can't help but think of Barack and Michelle with this pair haha!) . the Deoria in crystal sea foam

the TOMS website for World Sight Day is educational and interactive, giving us a 'look' at what it's like to see through different sight illnesses & the chance to print out and design our own eye charts. below is a chart made by DJ SoSuperSam, via her tumblr:

to design your own, click here and share your work of art with the hashtag #GIVEsight
to learn more about TOMS eyewear and World Sight day, visit this website


Joyce said...

I love this idea to give glasses to those in need! And those sunglasses all look pretty cool too :)

Jeeh Trend said...

Beautiful post!

Kisses and Good week!!