Friday, October 8, 2010

nicole is "priceless"

last wednesday, Nicole Richie came out to The Grove in LA for a book signing to promote her latest, "Priceless"

hoping that I would at least have one companion to travel to West Hollywood with to attend this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, my luck was shot as none of my LA friends were available. BUT I had a mission and nothing was going to stop me from meeting my celebrity girl crush. so I made the trek alone.. nervous, anxious, and so fucking excited.

thankfully, I got to Barnes a little early and the line wasn't extremely long, to my surprise. I waited for over an hour and was time to meet Nicole.

she's seriously even more gorg in person than she already is in pictures or tv...I heart her.

I'm about 5 chapters in and so far, so good! I honestly was not expecting much from her (or I guess, even her ghost writer's) writing skills but the story has me hooked and the dialog between the characters is very amusing and even hilarious at times. I can't wait to read what happens next!

until then, here's a bit of her latest from House of Harlow 1960 tribal collection:

really affordable and chic. to see the full line, visit the Trend Boutique


augustalolita said...

you lucky girl!! she's one of my fashion icons <3 i love her!!

Marie said...

How lucky!:D She's really one gorgeous woman!:D

I am loving the first ring, it's unique!:D

Happy Friday!:D

***** Marie *****

Sonia said...

Aaah that's so cool! I love her jewelery, it's really really nice :)

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Josie said...

love those rings! oh my god, like I like them a lot ♥

Meg said...

I saw your blog post and went to the book store. She really has such a quirky wit that is just so darn appealing. Love your blog!

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

i lovelovelove nicole, she is always flawless and her style is amazing. i've been meaning to buy a piece from house of harlow for a long time now too..!


cathy. said...

LOOOVE the tribal inspired pieces!


hiven said...


Anonymous said...

She has a book? I didnt know.
Thanks for posting this!

DaBlackSjp said...

I <3 this accessories WOW

♥ LOLA ♥ said...

great shot of her. she was so close, i hope she signed your book.

im always so nervous and timid to attend events alone, but i really should because im missing out. nicole richie was in toronto a month ago and kim kardashian was here last week and because no one would go, i missed both.

thanks for having the courage for the rest of us to go out to events and be fab all by yourself! ;)

Genevieve & LOLA Blog ♥