Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas countdown

I've risen from the graduate school dead

and what better time than on the 20th of December aka the final days to get in your last minute holiday shopping/figure out how you're going to survive the weekend (I mean, haven't' you heard? the world is ending tomorrow...)

I cannot believe the semester is over, and that I haven't blogged in a month. it's been hectic, to say the least. but it was a great & memorable school year. I made a video, a photo doc, and a website/hybrid practice (which you are all welcome to view and ask me questions about!) needless to say, I'm relieved and look forward to a whole month of sloth-ing.

but the semester wasn't just all work & no play. sometimes, playing is even harder than working. you know how difficult it is keeping up with all the NYC activities on a day to day basis? that's why I never categorize socialite's as non-working human beings.

two of my favorite things about the city during holidays are the pop-up shops, specifically from Etsy and NYLON Mag. while Etsy's Holiday Shop was only open for a super limited time after Thanksgiving, there were a ton of crafts & gifting ideas that you can still access on their website. here are a few that caught my attention:

one of the many custom banners you can get at queenelectric'shop, just at $12.50!

or try one of these amazing accent garlands by EverlyLaneDesign at $49

I'm also super obsessed with these ombre tights by silk, who also makes ombre scarves & tops; and these ah-mahzing heart gloves made by yastikizi

kind of bummed I didn't get to participate in any of the Etsy craft days but I'm crossing my fingers for another pop-up in the near future since it was such a hit. another popular gathering took place in the meatpacking for NYLON's pop-up, which my friend Steph and I got to go to & even attend their grand opening party a few weeks ago.

though on the higher end of merchandising, I had a great time browsing the collections, getting some free Essie nail polish, and acting like a snob (what? everyone else was.)

hopefully I'll be able to post more as the new year approaches but not promising anything. until then, cheers!