Sunday, January 23, 2011

geta trippen boot

the Trippen boot. the German shoe company specializes in using "modern design [combining] environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility." this Lucifer boot consists of a shaft cut to resemble an downwards cloven hoof, hence the name association to the devil. however, when I first saw the shoe, I was quickly reminded of the traditional Japanese geta sandals, worn by geishas and sumo wrestlers. either way, this shoe is pretty awesome.

via corridor40

Friday, January 21, 2011

the lsd apartment

Lauren Santo Domingo's apartment is seriously one of the coolest, in a way without even trying to be cool, and most unique interior fixtures I've ever seen. places like these make me real excited to design and decorate my own apartment in the future when I'm filthy rich.

see the rest here, via yes please mademoiselle

Thursday, January 20, 2011

unconventional art

since I love all art, not just fashion, I wanted to share a couple of great pieces I came across recently and hopefully these will inspire you as much as they did me...

Russian artist duo Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich created these incredible paper-based sculptures based on everyday scenes across different cultures. I love that they created a Beatles sculpture, and the boy & girl airplane flirt (below) but there are a ton more that also tell stories. check out this mafia scene with raw meat hanging from string or this boss screwing his secretary.

tons more to see here.

though somewhat of a weird concept, the photography of James Reynolds's "Last Supper" is quite gripping to me. the British photog documented the final requests of former death row inmates, replicating these meals on prison trays using portions that were actually the maximum amount for prisons.
"I'd like to think that the photographs make them think, what thought that is, I am not sure, as I myself had more thoughts the more I looked at them. What would my last meal be? What kind of people were these prisoners? Why did they choose that particular meal? What crime did they commit?"
see the rest here.

there are plenty of things we can do with human hair - make them into wigs, braid, weave, even design clothes (remember this Lady Gaga number?) among these crafts is one that I find most unique. Seattle-based artist Adrienne Antonson created these insects using only human hair and glue. so detailed and realistic, I was first disgusted since I hate creepy crawlers, but so amused that she captured the life and being of these insects with, of all things, hair!

"As an artist with a deep interest in sustainable and self-supporting systems, human hair seems the most immediate and true material. I find the historical implications and various uses of human hair fascinating. I am also intrigued with the attraction/repulsion response the material evokes. It is sentimental, challenging and honest."

looking for more ants or grasshoppers? see them here.

I love reading the Urban Outfitters blog and the other day, I stumbled upon this entry about "the Paper-Cut-Project." founded by Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry a year ago, their highly-detailed paper creations have made it onto the runway, catalog and window display campaigns, including a collection of animal masks for Herm├Ęs and rightfully so. these things are pretty awesome.

to see more paper art from Salk and Flurry, click here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 golden globes: rose, emerald & sparkle

there was a clear theme going on amongst the best dressed women at the Golden Globes last night. from that honeysuckle rose seen on Emma Stone (in Calvin Klein), to emerald green spotted on both Angelia Jolie and Mila Kunis (in Vera Wang), these women were all stand-outs to me. there were lots of backless numbers and sparkling showstopping gowns but my favorite was definitely Olivia Wilde in Marchesa. my only problem with her overall look was the bland hair but otherwise, she rocked the jewels off that toule.

images via WENN, Huffington Post, the vogue diaries

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the man behind the cam

I came across this great video of Scott Schumann, better known as The Sartorialist, in a quick glimpse into his life as a blogger, fashion extraordinaire and somewhat icon to photography. take a look...

after meeting the Schu last year, I've been even more intrigued by his blog and his ability to dictate the trends. there are a ton of blogs out there that are modeled after The Sartorialist, even the work I did during the summer was inspired by Scott's street style photo brigade, capturing unconventional and trendy style whenever you see it in front of you. in hindsight, we're all inspired by our surroundings - what we see, who we hang out with, where we live...

I was so inspired by this video that I decided, why not share some of my style inspirations?
here are the things, people, places I always turn to when I need an uppity boost on life & fashion:

paris | olsens | kate | friends | antiques

here's my playlist as well if you're interested in the kind of music I listen to on the daily:
1. Icarus by White Hinterland
2.  Blazin' by Nicki Minaj feat. Kanye West
3. All I Want is You by Miguel
4. Seven by Fever Ray
5. Tell Me by Groove Theory

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

spring color

found this great trend watch on Refinery 29 for the must-have colors for Spring 2011. there are 6 in total: pink, yellow, orange, blue, earth tones (beige & maroon), and white. of course, these colors always seem to be the "trend" and in style but there are specific shades to really watch out for.
here's my rendition, which I hope will inspire you all to hop on the neon pink, bright orange, electric blue and flesh tone colors of the new season.

images via polyvore,,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

& I owe it all to you

black eyed peas "time"
this song was really the theme of the Eve, and I'd like to think it was all because of me (I requested it to the DJ)
what was everyone's New Years Eve like?!
I usually never - actually, scratch that - I NEVER go out on New Years. really, the closest I've been to going out is getting alcohol & dip at the market. since my flight from Texas to SF was the night before, you can imagine how tired I was...I'm exaggerating the tiredness just a little...but I wasn't really planning on hitting the nightlife so conveniently, a resto/bar closeby that's owned by a dear friend was throwing a NYE bash so we went. in sum: free booze, free munchies, old friends & family, belly laughs, creepers, confetti, confetti covered hair, balloon popping, fist pumping, sore feet, and good times.
happy 2011! how was everyone's NYE?!