Monday, October 8, 2012

b-comfort, b-green, b-Burnetie

you must know this feeling: to walk for miles and miles, minutes beyond minutes (even hours), having your legs turn to jello and your feet give up because the shoes binding your feet are just too uncomfortable

walking is something almost unavoidable in New York City and you need to be able to survive on your feet the entire day, tourist or not. if you've never experienced the pain that completely exasperates your feet after a long day of walking, I am envious of you. I can only assume that 1) you have hooves that can mold to any shoe you put on, or 2) you only & always wear Burnetie shoes.

I got my first pair of Burnetie high tops last week and couldn't wait to wear them. with some friends in town visiting from SF, I thought a day playing tourist with them would be perfect to break in my new kicks. to my surprise, they needed no breaking in whatsoever.

just as a disclaimer: my feet are quite delicate. it's not uncommon for me to get blisters and soreness within just a couple hours of wearing shoes (don't even get me started with high heels..."beauty is pain" is an understatement). within a few steps in my new Burnetie's, I already felt like I was walking on clouds. kind of unbelievable, considering the last few pairs of shoes I bought have been a pain to wear - what a relief.

for starters, the fit was perfect. I'm usually a 6½-7 so I ordered the size 7 Burnetie. I had just the right amount of room and was a solid width for my feet. once I slipped on the high tops, it was like a natural feeling that my feet belonged in them. like the "glass slipper" if you may. not to mention, the zipper on the side makes it so easy to slip on & is SO convenient for days when you have to rush out the house! (aka everyday for me)

but in order to pass the comfort test, I had to take these pink high tops (the color btw is uber cute) out on the town. a full day of walking in NYC. now if you've ever walked more than 3 hours straight in the city, just trust me when I say you are guaranteed at least two blisters and an ice bath for your feet once you get home (if you ever make it home). believe it or not, I needed no such pain relief for my feet after a day in Burnetie's.

I made my way around the East Village, to Williamsburg via metro, gallivanting for God knows how long, to the Brooklyn Bridge, walking the entire thing to Manhattan. it was such an easy stroll along the bridge, I could've gone back and forth in my shoes, they were that comfortable. plus the view was incredible.

my day didn't end at the other side of the bridge. while my friends were already feeling exhaustion after the BK mile walk, I was the opposite. I was thoroughly surprised by my feet's stamina. of course, the only difference was that I was wearing Burnetie's.
a brisk walk to City Hall for the train led us to Chelsea for some pizza at Grimaldi's. perfect meal to equal out those calories burned throughout the day, am I right? story short, I literally walked for 3 hours straight in these shoes and I didn't complain, stop to sit down, readjust the lacing, air out, massage, or attempt to cut off my feet once. I'm officially a fan.

as a plus, ALL Burnetie shoes are made with zero waste & it's the only brand that utilizes vulcanized rubber to make completely new shoes [watch a video about it here]
not many manufacturing companies are eco-friendly, so I'm thrilled to have found a sneaker line whose mission is to reduce the amount of chemical products and toxic waste in the environment [read more here]

it most definitely is possible to be stylish, comfortable, and green all at the same time!
there's a ton of styles to choose from, for both men and women; you can find multiple colors, patterns, high tops to slip ons & they're all made with natural or recycled rubber.
I can't forget to add among being a great alternative shoe, Burnetie's are totally budget-friendly. the shoes range from just $20-100 & in this economy? not bad at all! 

here are some looks I created on polyvore, for other ways to wear these chic Burnetie pink high tops:

burnetie - girly

for a girly girl on a casual day
perfect fall day

perfect fall day outfit

Pull&Bear pull bear, $29 / Alice + Olivia leather shorts, $600 / Socks / Cross body handbag / Miso feather earrings, $11 / Triangle ring / 2b fedora hat / Burberry / High Top Vintage

want to see more?

shop the entire Burnetie collection here


Catherine said...

may have to purchase a pair after this post

Ana said...

wow I want this sneakers!!

Fragile Bird said...

Those shoes are amazing, I want a pair, they look good with any outfit!

Please check out my blog if you have a few minutes spare :)


Adventures in Wonderburg said...

Lovely post! :)

Fashion With Ellie said...

Love this post because I can totally relate!!! When I went to NY my feet were in pain and my legs turned to jello! Carrie Bradshaw may be the only person to be able to wear heels in NY while walking around. I really like your sneakers, great color!! Sneakers are also in for Fall:)

I'm now following:)


Fabliha said...

those shoes are so rad!

Mallory said...

Those shoes are so cute, and I am all about zero waste :)


Unknown said...

Love Love Love those sneakers!!!