Wednesday, November 21, 2012

boots with the fur

winter is coming

as what my Game of Thrones brethren would say, but the quote fits present day new york quite perfectly. with random outbursts of snow (like what we saw nearly 2 weeks ago), temperatures dropping constantly, and getting wind chill every time you turn a corner, the time to stock up on all your winter gear is now

to prep myself for the coming frost bites of winter, I loaded my wardrobe with practically every uniqlo heattech thermal you can buy (I swear on these items) & finally scored a trendy parka (is that an oxymoron?) from topshop that are sure to keep me warm. but really, the number one essential item to have is a good pair of boots. remember, you'll be trudging sleet-lined streets and trying to beat 20°F temps so they've got to be comfortable, easy to walk in, and WARM! of course, it's always a plus when they're stylish too. thankfully I've got the perfect pair of boots that embody all of these things - yes, even in the cute department! they're made by LAMO footwear and my feet couldn't be happier.

here's the BRENDA style I have in black, @ $129

though I've never walked on clouds, I can imagine this is what it would feel like. even as I slipped my feet into these suede boots, I could already feel the most heavenly experience was just beginning. the faux fur trim is extra soft to the touch and gives a nice, comfortable hug to your calves without being too overbearing like the hugs you get from your great aunt during holiday parties.

the boot's insoles are lined with authentic sheepskin, which feels absolutely amazing, and the cushioning is just right. I think LAMO said it perfectly, "Nothing says 'relaxed comfort' like sheepskin boots." though we like to associate them to ugg's, there's a huge difference in the feel of LAMO's. because the insoles are extra dense, they won't wear out or flatten as quickly - making it a super durable, excellent quality sheepskin boot that's totally underrated.

not to mention, the boots are affordable and come in a ton of other styles so you can't go wrong with LAMO

here are some other excellent options from LAMO that I also fancy:

Unzipped, $149
Sammi, $99
Sonic II, $101

so get to shopping (remember, black friday is around the corner...)

& have a happy thanksgiving!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I like furry boots too. They are so warm and comfy. Hmmm...never seen Game of Thorns. Sounds like a good show.
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sepatuholic said...

Booties looks warm and comfy there... cute furry pair!

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