Monday, November 5, 2012

birthday blackout

in no way does the title refer to alcoholic consumption consequences. not 21 anymore...


it's certainly been an interesting week. for those of us living in the east coast, at least, who suffered hurricane sandy's wrath. a natural disaster many (including myself) scoffed at days, hours before she behemothly swept through the streets of lower manhattan, coastal NJ & the rockaways, leaving many without electricity, heat, cars, food, a roof, etc. - I felt like such such an idiot not taking it so seriously.

I had other things on my mind, concerning the week-long celebration of my turning 24 years-old (weird.) it was the best birthday weekend of my life thus far. my cousins came to visit & I couldn't have been more thankful/blessed to have them here & eventually stranded for a few days due to the hurricane. I can't imagine what I'd do without them, or what I would've done if they weren't here when sandy struck. since power was down where I live, I sought refuge with them at the Ace Hotel, aka the hipster refugee camp, granting us perfect time to explore midtown, which I rarely do.

pre-sandy, I was extremely grateful to have a birthday without a freak weather happenstance to potentially ruin the mood (that doesn't sound bratty at all..) beginning with a terrific dinner @ ippudo, watching the xx blow minds at the paradise theatre, and ending the night with amazing drinks & tapas @ beauty and essex

while my birthday weekend was a bit shortened by sandy, it was nice having some downtime at the apartment before evacuation monday night. had a fantastic brunch at essex sunday afternoon followed by a major world series win for the sf giants!!!

it's almost difficult to even recount what happened last week because without electricity our lives are so impartial to knowing what's happening around us. on monday, the day sandy came, my cousin and I got tea and little bites @ podunk since it was the closest thing to me & practically the only establishment that was open. come 8:30pm, power was shut off & my roommate, cousin, and I sat around the kitchen table munching on snacks, sipping wine, and talking for hours by candle light. it was surreal to be in darkness all night, without cell phones or laptops consuming us. it felt nice to not feel the need to check my email or latest instagram feed every 10 minutes. but apart from that little time we had sans technology, there was so much destruction done outside that we had no idea about until the next couple of days.

on tuesday, my cousin and I parted ways with my cold, powerless apartment and decided to stay with her sister & brother in law at the hotel. I know there were thousands of NYers/east coasters who didn't have the luxury of checking into a hotel, fully circuited & functioning, comfortable and provided us with entertainment...I felt so spoiled. I'd go back and forth to lower manhattan where my apartment is and saw how much of a ghost town it became. no businesses were open, no streets were occupied with more than a couple people. the emptiest I've ever seen downtown. taxi's were scarce, and people were desperate to find solace or warmth. everyone moved upward, even if we continually say, "I never go past 14th street." we had no choice.

at night, streets below 29th and east of 5th ave. were pitch black. it was scary & it was like that for at least 4 days. walking the opposite direction was a total 180 degree turn. it was like nothing happened in upper manhattan, everything was "normal." we ate in koreatown more times than I can count, and finally got to see Newsies (which was absolutely brilliant & Corey Cott, I love you.)

 once my cousins departed for california friday morning, I continued my stay at the hotel since power still hadn't restored in downtown. it was nice, but again I couldn't help feeling so spoiled while so many were still without heat & electricity, or even a home. I did return home before the weekend ended, and finally saw the east village/alphabet city return to business. I swear, the energy of new york will never be broken no matter what.

but while the city continues getting back in the swing of things, other boroughs are still fighting to stay alive & well. relief efforts are continually being made, including these two pieces I really love & plan on purchasing.
the first (left), a t-shirt designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, a NY designer whose studio was paralyzed by sandy; & the second (bottom), a notebook so thoughtfully illustrated by the people at Cool Material

the east coast is still fighting, please help any way you can.

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Katrina Sophia said...

Glad that you've enjoyed your birthday despite the storm. I hope the storm has improved. Stay safe

Those tee and notepad are lovely, I will consider in contributing

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