Thursday, November 15, 2012

best night ever

just when you thought asos couldn't get any cooler, they wrangled up 2 of the hottest up&coming female music artists of the year for the #bestnightever campaign | providing us with style digs needed to look our dapperest out on the town ... and of course, giving us a good excuse to drop the books & assignments and go out for a drink or two (or 3, or 4)

check out Azealia Banks' music video below, styled head to toe in asos:

ms. Banks & Ellie Goulding make up 2/3 of the campaign (I personally don't know who the other girl is, not gonna pretend like I do either, sorry) in which they guest edit "going out" looks on the daily! now you can't use that excuse "I have nothing to wear" so easily..

here are my top picks from Azealia's edit which I call, to quote her, the "bambi, belle of the ball" look

jewel printed body-con, $52 | ring set megapack, $21 | metal top sunglasses, $21 | river island faux fur coat, $123

now don't think I forgot about skrillex's gf a.k.a. miss Goulding. even though I blocked "lights" from my auditory perception months ago, I still love her music (tip: listen to this track) and her ultra polished yet bold style.
part of what I love about this asos campaign is that you can create your own looks with inspiration from the muses. the app bridges too similar to, but hey, it's still fun.
per her asos interview, Ellie notes some style essentials for an on stage look, made up of high waisted shorts, a bandeau & fierce shoes she won't fall in. so taking that, here's a few pieces from asos that mimic her rockstar style (wanted to use the outfit creator but it wasn't working in my favor..)

shorts with gem flowers, $55 | platform ankle boots, $96 | contrast panelling bomber jacket, $66

wrapping up this campaign trail for nightlife trendspotting, asos also has an awesome photo editing app where you pick your fave party pics on facebook & add silly stickers and effects to them (now don't you wish you still had those embarrassing undergrad photos saved?...kidding)
while the app is meant to display as the cover on your fb public profile, it's really not the best working girl move. but since I'm still a student I did not hesitate at all to create a party photobooth cover, summing three great memories (or lack thereof) from 2012

I'll admit, I deleted it from my page immediately but I had to play photo editor at least once! I noticed the biggest trend in toddy's media is user creativity and interaction with technology. mere things like scrapbooking and sticker books are things of the past, as now we have instagram and photo editing apps that turned our childhood sticker passions to adult musings.
I mean, who would've thought pairing cartoons/gifs/lisa frank/other mundane graphics with the party scene?? suppose it's just the hip[ster] thing to do.


Bella Harris said...

Kinda want all of this, especially that coat! xx

l i s a z h a n g said...

so wanting that leather bomber


morganvsmorgan said...

Haha I love Azaelia Banks , and she kills it on the style front - so I guess its not a surprise that I love pretty much everything from her picks. I love the shorts from Ellie Goulding's as well.