Monday, October 22, 2012

not completely M.I.A.

array of gold rings @ the chelsea market flea
in case you're wondering what I've been up to...

school, school, & more school // I can't complain about student life, let alone being one in a masters program. I continue to learn everyday through the people I meet, the discussions & debates held in class, the compelling environment around me. so far, so good. I'm experimenting with photography in my visual storytelling class and dabbling with heresy in media & magic (ok, maybe just reading about heresy..), and developing a prototype for my first hybrid media test site! so much work but can't wait til this semester is finished despite how much I'm enjoying it.

playing tour guide // literally 3 of my college friends visited the city in the past 2 weeks, and within the next few days my cousins & another friend will arrive to play/party with me on my birthday! and not to mention, one of my best friends is moving to town tomorrow from california - what better bday present than that? 24 doesn't seem so bad...

working hard, playing harder // well, sort of. my version of "play hard" means dancing for an hour straight then going to bed at 3am, unlike the usual 7am sunrise sleepy time most new yorkers indulge in over the weekends. on friday night, my friend DJ-ed at Santos Party Haus for his Dream But Don't Sleep event & it was quite epic. the music was great & if it weren't for my aching feet I would've danced/head-banged much longer.

though I said I'm not a fan of sleeping past sunrise, I have to admit I've committed such acts in the past couple days - but not because of of obvious reasons! quite opposite, in fact. I had the opportunity to be a production assistant for a Tisch short film called, HYPEBEASTS - about the 'sneakerhead' subculture. the crew shot scenes from 6:30pm-am, so my days have been a little reversed. it was hard work but it was such a learning experience and couldn't be grateful for the cast & crew that welcomed me with open arms. check out their website & if it's a topic of interest to you, please donate! Spike Lee is the advisor for this student film, and it features SF 49er Aldon Smith & Grizz from '30 Rock'! not only is the cast amazing, but the film also tackles racial/societal tensions, sheds light on a culture that continues to grow, yet not many know about it, and also features fantastic wardrobe. really proud of and inspired by the work put into making this film.

around 7am, on my walk home from the 'hypebeasts' set

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blue roses said...

congrats on the production assistant gig, sounds cool. always great to be staying creatively busy and learning!