Tuesday, October 2, 2012

live blissfully

two things on a tuesday

1. wedding season is officially over for me & though I couldn't be more relieved (imagine flying out of NYC to Austin one weekend, waiting a week and a half and flying to San Francisco for another weekend...it's exhausting even thinking about it), I'm a bit sad that it's now part of history. just wish I could relive each moment! (minus the gruesome traveling part, of course)

'my best friend's wedding' no, really though! Ashley & Bryan's wedding was at Camp Lucy, about a 45 minute drive from Austin, TX.  it was absolutely gorgeous, just as she was. so honored to have been a bridesmaid for her.

our family waited years for this...and so did my cousin, the bride! Char & Kevin were finally married over the weekend - a time period that will mark such an epic day of love, entertainment, party rocking, and bliss.

2. speaking of bliss, I came across these amazing iPhone 5 cases at the NYC Scoutmob Shoppe (which is just as an amazing app, btw) made by BlissfulCASE. I don't even have the 5 but by the way these cases grab attention and scream sophistication & swag (yes, I'm putting those words together), I'm totally hopping on board to upgrade my phone & style it with one of these cases.


Alison said...

I love weddings! Sounds like you had an amazing summer. Travelling can be tough but it's always worth it :)


dina vanessa mercado said...

Such A nice trip :) and yes, those iphone5 cases are so cool! Following you now.. :)
hope you'll Follow back. Thank you!

Kisses from VV!!

rachael said...

oh, i love weddings.. everyone is there to celebrate loved ones and friends! such a great time.


Giovanna said...

Beautiful weddings! Loving those iphone covers!


alicia said...

those look like two GORGEOUS weddings!

the style crusader said...

Those iPhone cases are gorgeous! xx