Friday, July 13, 2012

a week in los angeles

I'm way overdue posting this, but better late than never!

beginning july 1, california banned the production of foie gras in restaurants and markets so it was the perfect time to hit up the bazaar at the SLS hotel. the foie gras cotton candy is really my favorite thing on the menu so you can imagine my disappointment. also got to try the foie sliders which were also tasty. RIP foie.
the new sprinkles ice cream shop, another addition taking over this block of santa monica blvd.
finally got to see what all the fuss was about, at the sprinkles cupcakes atm. such a long line but worth the wait if you're craving a chai cupcake (my pick) at midnight.
spent saturday june 30 at the C Magazine & Guess by Marciano fashion show/event at the grove. started off with a fashion show outside accompanied by some complimentary cocktails, then moved over to the store where we reveled in some essential summer shopping.
ok, how could I not come to la without sipping some coffee bean by the pool, or eating a hearty lunch at lemonade? two of my favorite things in the world. plus, an opportune time to finish "the rockstar in seat 3a" by Jill Kargman (fun chick lit & so appropriate for an la ambiance)
an essential rooftop bar in venice is at the Hotel Erwin. awesome music, great seating & views, perfect summertime evening weather.
of course, I love coming to visit my tri delt loves, and what a coincidence that both myself and val were in town from new york?! had dinner at primitivo wine bistro on abbot kinney - really lovely setting but slow service. definitely would come back for the wine.
really, a major reason why I came back to la after being there just 3 weeks prior was to eat kogi tacos at the alibi room. one of my ultimate weaknesses, sadly. seriously the most delicious korean tacos you'll ever eat.
the next day, I wanted to try native foods cafe in culver city since I do love eating vegan. was good but real food daily is still my fave. (btw, are you sick of the food pics yet?)
4th of july! had a relaxing day at dan's pool. some excellent bbq skewers and patriotic pie filled our big, american stomachs.
finally made my way to west hollywood to see my mandeezy & big sis for lunch at urth caffe, another one of my favorites. the energy at this location is quite vibrant and young, you can't help but feel like a hipster or play the role of "struggling actor" when there. also spotted a man with a lizard (in which he sat it on a miniature couch) at a table close by. bizarre is an understatement.
had to spend a night out in hollywood so what better way than with one of my bff's who just recently moved there? chimmy's new cat (who has yet to be named) is my new favorite. loved having a purring animal sleep next to me for the two hours that I did sleep. she's a wild one.


Shelly said...

Lovely photos! You seem to have lot of fun! If you like the parisian fashion don't miss my New Give AWAY on my blog, ;) !

Much Love, ThePeppyMay

Jasmin said...

adorable pics!


Miki's scrapbook said...

Wow! You did so much in this neck of the woods! A lot more than what I have done and I've been living here for over a year, haha :p.