Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hot pink in the city

two things on a tuesday

1. pink hair
yeah, I know it's nothing new (actually it's far from new) but I still have an ardor for this look. would I ever dye my own hair pink? probably not. or maybe...depending on what line of business I'll be working in after grad school. but it's fun to still look/admire.

photos via tumblr

2. san francisco
I guess I do like this city of mine. after spending so much time in the 415 (and not the 650, where my family lives) I've gained a deeper appreciation for SF, seeing things I haven't before, experiencing the city's culture in a new lens (compared from the tainted one I had in high school). yes, it's been a fun summer here. one month to go!

photos via my instagram @coycolleen


houseinthesand said...

You are so right, pink hair is super fun to look at. I really have respect for people who are brave enough to do that. :)

Great blog! :)

Margarida Reis said...

cool post!
love pink hair. so cool!!!!

Fabliha said...

that pink hair is so beautiful! I dip dyed my hair blue recently and am loving it!

Bernadeth G. said...

love everything!

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the outfit diaries said...

okay I'm super jealous of you, you live in SF?! I hope to visit there very soon!

Elisa Ferrari said...

cool pictures!!! Thanks for your lovely comment..
Now I follow you..

New post..

Diana (double-ganger) said...

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La Florinata said...

Cute shots!

LyddieGal said...

San Francisco... I place I have yet to see. you are lucky to be exploring it!
Chic on the Cheap

Izzy said...

pink and purple hair are so popular at the moment! I definitely could not pull it off but there are some girls who look amazing in it!

Amanda said...

Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
Please follow me.

Miriam Stella said...

these picture are amazing! and your style too! i'm definitly fall in love with your blog! so i want invite you to see mine, and if you like it, we could follow each other. What do you think? i wait for you! i care! a big kiss
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Mlle Wanderer said...

Love it.

I have a fake pale-pink dipdye I bought and that is cute for experimenting (and taking it off). It's this one from Candyworks *here*

*MlleWanderlust *

Catherine Au Jong said...

cute pictures!

The Marcy Stop said...

I'm with you, I'm still loving the pink hair trend. Mostly because I'd never have the balls to do it! Love your inspiration pics tho!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

If you dont wanna go all out you could just die your tips like me! I have purple on the bottom 5 inches of my hair, and I can pin it up if I need to look more professional, i dont think id be brave enough to do the whole lot!

Daisy Dayz
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Anonymous said...

if i didn't work in corporate, i would definitely have soft cotton candy pink hair lol.

Quiet Luxury