Sunday, January 22, 2012

fly in style

airports. I have a love/hate relationship with them...with traveling in general.
tonight I finally set off to NYC again. it's bittersweet especially after spending more than a month back home. seeing my friends & family on a weekly basis makes it a bit hard moving back to the big apple where I'm practically alone.
I am excited for school to start up again. going back after completing my first semester of grad school is a weird feeling. I'm used to going back to LA after visiting home, not doing anything, working from home, yadda yadda.
I have no idea what to expect this semester and that's sort of what I'm worried about. more than dealing with the snow and ridiculously cold temperature. I got a pair of Hunter boots over the weekend so I'm sort of prepared, but barely. just wish me luck.

so that brings me to why I'm posting here...airport attire! I loathe dressing up for the airport. I remember the days in undergrad where I'd settle for sweats and uggs and call it a motherf***ing day. 
now that I'm in my 20's and actually feeling like an adult, I find the urge to dress a little less casual when I'm traveling.
of course, celebs always have to look their best on a day-to-day basis, what with paparazzi snapping their photos every 5 I always look to the stars to see what they're wearing to the airport and usually, I'm liking what Vanessa Hudgens & Nicole Richie sport while traveling

essentials: boots, good jacket, sunnies, jeans/leggings, giant carry-on purse

what is your go-to travel outfit? let me know in the comments!


Am2Pm said...

nice post!!

Hannah said...

Lauren Conrad is amazing with travel outfits! Always looking to her for inspiration. I've only just found your blog! FOLLOWING! xxxxx

Urban Fashionisto said...

I feel the same way about airports. But, I agree their airport looks are niceee.

Fashion to Go said...

Ah yes..airport attire. I admire those that can look chic effortless in these situations.