Sunday, December 11, 2011

mrs. claus

santacon in a nutshell
so this is my first christmas/winter in NYC. to be honest, I am a little upset it hasn't snowed at all. except that one time in october...regardless I expected to be ankle high in snow by now. but what do I know, I'm a california girl.

I've tried filling up my free time with some christmas activities but am failing miserable due to the extremities of submitting final papers, trying to get a decent amount of sleep and food into my body, all that good stuff that comes with school. I turned in one of my finals tonight and needed a break so here I am posting.

last weekend was an epic celebration of santas and birthdays. I attended the NYC SANTACON which I am so glad I did. there's no other time in the year where you can roam around the city in a santa costume. I also have to say that the subways looked hilarious - santas were everywhere.

definitely take note to prepare in advance. this outing was so last minute that I threw on an outfit just minutes before stepping out my door in full-fledged santa gear. I dug up this cape from American Apparel which really brought my whole modern day mrs. claus outfit together; added green tights, a santa hat and presto. I had my costume. oh and I wrapped myself around with some cheap tinsel decorations from CVS, which left an obvious trail around the bars we hopped at.. I was so impressed with everyone's costumes I wish I took more photos but it definitely gave me some ideas for next year!

did you go to santacon this year? tell me about it in the comments


Cecylia said...

ooh you're so into the Christmas spirit already- looking very chic and cheerful!!

kirstyb said...

xmas in Ny sounds fab

Lidiya said...

Christmas in NY sounds amazing although I'm surprised their is no snow but then again, it is like this everywhere! No snow even in Moscow <3

Lucija said...

Your NY Christmas photos are amazing!!