Sunday, December 4, 2011

cher horowitz's wishlist

if you read the Urban Outfitters blog, you'll know where I got my inspiration from for this post
the bloggers at Urban made up some wishlists for our favorite '90s style icons, asking "What Would ___ Want?"
subjects have been Married With Children's badass daughter Kelly Bundy and the bff duo we all wanted to be, Cher and Dionne from Clueless
if you know me, I live for the '90s and was thrilled to see these faux wishlists. I started thinking, if these chicks lived in todays culture, what would they want?
so here I am, decided to do the same thing, 1) because I'm bored and out of ideas and 2) because it gives me a good excuse not to write papers!
such an exemplary grad student...

for my first stab at this xmas wishlist with Cher Horowitz, my all time favorite character in a film (which also happens to be my all time favorite film)
the following is my idea of what Cher would want today
and hey, if you personally know a Cher - someone who embodies her character - feel free to use this as some inspiration for your xmas shopping!

1. the white, collarless blouse

(left) Elizabeth and James embellished blouse, $395 @
(right) Alice by Temperly embroidered blouse, $325 @ net-a-porter

because her maid, Lucy, has somehow forgotten where Cher's shirt from Fred Segal went (maybe the cleaners?) here are two options for getting that "responsible" look she was going for

2. the Shakespeare collection

the BBC collection, from $141 @ amazon

we all know how much Cher loves her Shakespeare, especially when Mel Gibson plays the starring role. why not gift her the ultimate film collection? as she would say, "tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people"

3. the Bar Method workout dvds

Super Sculpting I & II dvds, $20 each @

Buns of Steel is so 5 years ago! ..ok more like 15 years ago so keep Cher up to date with the hottest workout, the Bar Method. the dvds are an excellent alternative to taking class in studio, though the Brentwood location is perfectly convenient for our beloved 90210 blonde...why not gift a few classes as well? the introductory month is just $100 and it works

4. the perfect red lipstick
Exude lipsticks, $29 @ online

these cosmetics are all the rage & totally loved by Rachel Zoe. get this modern lipstick in a bold, seductive red and Cher will be ready for any date.

5. the red dress

Calvin Klein red jersey dress, € 289,00 @

so we all know that awful robber ruined Cher's Alaia after the "val" party so gifting her another red dress might help her forget. and best of all, it's Calvin Klein! daddy will approve this time.

6. the essential spanish tutor

Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1, $179 @ online

let's be honest, Cher needs to know that Mexican isn't a language and the only way she can communicate with Jose is to habla espanol. Rosetta Stone is the perfect gift for this clueless betty.

7. the guides to sex & finding love

(left) "Sex Signs" by Judith Bennett, from $0.1 @ amazon
(middle) "The Rules" by Eileen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, from $0.1 @ amazon
(right) "Become Your Own Matchmaker" by Patti Stanger, from $7.50 @ amazon

Cher may have found true love in Josh, but a girl still has to keep up with all the rules. Kate Middleton is a self proclaimed "rules girl" and Cher should be too, so "The Rules" book is the perfect gift. she also is akin to reading body language (she was soo right with Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist) that Judith Bennett's classic is a great addition to her, I'm assuming, small book collection. and to top off this gift bag, our modern-day Emma should have some recent dating tips from Patti Stanger. since Cher is a matchmaker herself, why not learn from the best?

8. the perfect faux fur
(left) Topshop faux fur longline chevron gilet, $75 @
(right) Dorothy Perkins cream purse, marked down to $17 @

don't let Dionne think she has to "skin a collie" to wear fur...faux is the way to go! now that it's winter, this Topshop vest is a go-to for windy LA nights. throw in this chic Dorothy Perkins evening purse because you can never have enough faux.

stay tuned for more character-inspired wish lists!


Girlie Blogger said...

Oh man! That red dress is gorgeous. And yes, we are all looking for the perfect red lipstick.

Wonder Woman said...

This post is BRILLIANT. I love it!

styledigger said...

This red dres is sooo beautiful! 90's in a good way!

Clélia said...

Amazing blog and style <3 <3If you like my fanpage you can win an O.P.I. nail lacquer, good luck ;)

7 Year Wedding said...

Awesome post! I use to love clueless, me and my sister use to do the 'rolling with my homies'line all the time!