Thursday, December 8, 2011

brenda walsh's wishlist

Beverly Hills, 90210 was nothing without Brenda's presence. 
the once naive, small-town girl from Minnesota transformed to the coolest chick in the 90210.
she was the rebel & stood her own ground, the trendsetter from being beach chic to wearing all black everything (not until the college years, that is), and was the hottest activist of her time. 
Brenda was the most cynical and the most intelligent female character, and quite frankly who didn't want to be her at some point?

as an ode to season's 1-4 (which were also the shows best seasons, don't even try to argue), here's a list of what this beverly hills bad ass would want for christmas.
notice that all items are under $100 - being the eco and economically friendly gal Brenda is, it's only natural that she'd wish for presents that are reasonably priced, correct?

1. oversized blazer
(left) ASOS oversized boyfriend blazer, marked down to $72 @
(right) Petites longline blazer, $86 @ miss self ridge

I think it's safe to say that Ms. Walsh was way ahead of her time whenever she rocked one of those xxl jackets, and it's still a fashion do. here are two perfect blazers to add to her already large collection (no pun intended)

2. passport cover

leather orange vines passport cover, $16.49 @

ah, the forgetfulness of Brenda Walsh...specifically the time in Mexico where she and Dylan were held up at the border because she forgot to bring her passport. though she can never live that moment down, you can help her to not forget the next time she travels outside the country. this passport cover is the perfect choice since it's fair-trade and strictly vegetarian!

3. statement necklace
(left) Asos leaf collar, $62 @
(right) Urban Outfitters DLC mesh choker, $34 @

Brenda isn't big on layering the accessories but we often see her with a nice statement piece. a choker seems to be her weapon of choice, usually so here are two collars that she can pair with nearly everything in her simple, yet edgy wardrobe.

4. lace-up boots
Modekungen spike boots, $74 @

now that Brenda's all grown up, she should probably retire those doc martens. to retain her style but dress her age, get a similar lace-up boot with a heel for a more sophisticated look, and she'll be set for 2012.

5. dancing queen package
XBOX 360 Dance Central 2, $49 @

maybe this seems like an odd gift idea, but if you know Brenda well, then you know she is the best dancer in the 90210. remember when she and David won that couples dance-off at CU? or even at those West Beverly school dances, I could never keep my eyes off her hips - they don't lie. Dance Central 2 is the most bombin gift for this babe. just make sure she has an xbox..

Factory by Erik Hart tank dress, marked down to $69 @ the outnet

and while we're at it, why not throw in a LBD? Brenda knows how to work a sexy number like this one, and it's perfect for a night out dancing in hollywood. now that she's legal.

6. guides to acting

(left) "Inside The Actors Studio - Icons" dvd, from $6 @

(right) "An Actor Prepares" by Constantin Stanislavski, from $6 @

being the impeccable drama queen she is, a few essentials for the contemporary actor are much needed to break a leg. help Brenda prep for her next role with the Actor's Studio dvd and the classic Stanislavski book on the method so the next time she auditions, she won't have to *ahem* take a seat on the casting couch - oh, whoops, just a rumor.

7. parisian mementos
(left) "Living in Paris" by Jose Alvarez, from $30 @
(right) "Chronicle of a Summer" dvd, $7.99 @

that summer in Paris with Donna was a memorable one. she could brush up a little on her french accent so I figured why not let Brenda re-live the joie de vivre of Paris by way of photography in coffee table books and cinema verite?

8. charity donation in her name

Brenda always took part in some form of social activism throughout her time in Beverly. from volunteering at the teen crisis hotline to getting arrested in a PETA-like movement in college - and who could forget the time she housed the homeless santa claus during christmas? the ultimate gift for this pretty partisan is a charity donation in her name. offers a number of charities to donate to, including some that are close to Brenda's heart:
National Alliance to End Homelessness donation

what would be your perfect gift for Ms. Walsh? tell me in the comments & stay tuned for next week's character-inspired wish list


Anonymous said...

I love your wishlist, good inspiration now I have to choose my christmas presents :)

Girlie Blogger said...

She really was my favorite character on that show. I used to dress in blazers like her all the time.

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Cool post!

Sabina said...

Ok this post is hilarious. Makes me all nostalgic since at one time I never missed an episode of 90210. Still I thought Emily Valentine was the rebel of the show not Brenda. But anyway--great fashion choices--especially the LBD and those boots. Wow gorgeous and I can't believe the price!

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Love the wishlist.. So inspiring :)

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great wishlist:]. inspired!!

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I am loving the blazers :) they are great i cannot stop wearing my cream one :) nice post x

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Cute outfits. The accessories were lovely.

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