Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 days of gaga

calling all little monsters
 this GAGA frenzy at Barney's flagship puts the "awe" in "awesome"
the "extra" in "extraordinary"
ok that was super cheesy
but this workshop is the BUSINESS

I was expecting more window displays, and actually a more festive theme to the workshop but Gaga did me wrong in that department
Gaga's Boudoir was the only display that caught my attention and had the most detail & thought. it's all hair!
the other displays were a bit blah to be honest, kind of disappointing but the Gaga elves at barney's totally made up for it once you enter the workshop..

the mini maze at the men's department leading to the workshop was like a portal into the world of Gaga, I felt like I was at disneyland
I didn't expect anything less, Gaga knows how to put on the theatrics in every arena of life
you could easily spend an hour here because there's a lot to look at, I especially loved the fine jewelry display (sorry didn't take a pic of it) and the clip-on nail decals, aka perfect christmas gift! *hint hint*

from chocolates in the shape of skulls & platforms, to monster cookies and plush toys, makeup of all sorts, flamboyant sunglasses and leather jackets, you could probably find a christmas gift for anyone here, the only downfall is the PRICE - which is expensive
I mean, would I really spend $65 on one teacup? or $95 on a chocolate-shaped shoe?

still, this merchandise is fun to look at and hey, I commend anyone for buying these products, after all 25% of the proceeds go to Gaga's Born This Way Foundation

to see & shop the collection visit the website or head over to Barney's 


Girlie Blogger said...

Definitely theatrical. But also very fascinating.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

LOVE this!!!
How fun to imagine what "Cher" would have on her wish list today in 2011!!!