Wednesday, November 23, 2011

it's november but...

the world has been counting down the days til christmas. 
it feels as though the holiday season crept up slowly these past few weeks. 
with all the lit up buildings and trees around 5th ave, the opening of Union Square's holiday market, and of course Gaga's Workshop inside Barney' me it just feels christmas is coming all too soon.
not that I'm complaining
quite the opposite, actually. christmas means that I get to be home finally and enjoy some freedom from the books, while I catch up with my fam and favorite friends.
oh, and not to mention getting presents from santa.
and speaking of santa...
if you're having trouble shopping for presents here's a very posh and trendy (and not to mention utterly marketable, innovative take on advertising) "12 Days of Christmas" music video/lookbook from NMRKT that is sure to inspire creativity in your gift-giving.

you should definitely watch all installments but here are my favorites:

Eleven Pipers Piping | Eight Maids A Milking 
Six Geese A Laying | Five Golden Rings

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