Saturday, November 12, 2011

fux with the 1%

I know, I know. it's November but I had to post about my first nyc halloween.

I joined my friend Jason at the Standard Hotel for Susanne Bartsch's halloween bash. turned out to be a very flamboyant, very over-the-top, but stunning night of outrageous costumes (some of the best I've ever seen in my life) and techno music.

with halloween being so close to my birthday, I always find it a point to dress up, considering it's an extension of my bday celebration too - not selfish of me at all.
I had a gnarly eye infection so I had to be creative with my costume and incorporate my glasses somehow. naturally, I went with some cultural inspiration from the occupy wall street movement and hence, I dressed up as the 1% (fux with me)
if you don't understand who the 1% is, read this article from Tiger Beatdown

being politically incorrect is always the best route to go if you run out of costume idea, I suppose. such a coincidence that Jason was an OWS construction worker, which made for a perfect costume duo.
while I'm not exactly sure how big of a statement we made that night, the growth of this wall street protest has hit almost all corners of the world, it's pretty incredible. I was in new york when the first protests broke out so I really feel like I'm a part of history - in essence, we all are.

for a breakdown of what's been going on in Atlanta, Oakland, China, New York City, and everywhere else occupiers are, click through here and get updated, there's a ton happening and much change to be made.

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