Sunday, October 2, 2011

what's that jacket margiela?

No it's Kanye West, actually. 

The rapper debuted his first ever fashion collection in Paris last week (read the review here) and I'd say it's a great first attempt at a runway show. I honestly don't think P.Diddy could deliver anything better with his Sean Jean line.

"The biggest hurdle I had to face is the celebrity designer or the hip-hop designer concept," Kanye reportedly said backstage.

There's definitely a stigma attached to the hip-hop/rap fashion scene. If you haven't noticed, the style is predominately urban street wear; for men, it's the baggy jeans and puffed air force ones, and for women, skin tight jeans and exposed mid drifts, cleavage, coin slots...

This is the picture the mainstream media puts into our heads about hip-hop and rap.

Kanye West is changing that with his new line. There are still elements of the genre, with the very risqué necklines and use of leather & fur. I also spotted some '90s influence in some of the sweaters which I loved. He doesn't lose authenticity of who he is and what his music represents.

There is, however, the argument that a lack of ethnic models in the show. The african american model in the show is Chanel Iman. Is this a positive or negative thing? This could also be Kanye's way of breaking the assumed role of black females in hip hop videos and fashion advertisements. Hell, now white female rappers like Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea are breaking the mold too (Iggy btw is far better).

Either way, if Kanye's clothing label is any indication of what the future of hip-hop fashion, I think it's definitely going in the right direction.

see more photos here via modelcouture


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this is pretty amazing!! i actually cant wait to see more from him!!

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