Monday, March 7, 2011

totes m'gotes

I was inspired by this photograph by The SF Style blog featured in a post about totes (what a rhyme) a couple days ago and wanted to make a dedication to all tote bags alike. yet how coincidental is it that as I was preparing this post I came across news of the worldwide YSL Manifesto tote bag giveaway! fate? I think so..

to me, the simple canvas bag is a bit underrated. they were a staple of mine in high school, that is until I crossed over to the dark side...of Gucci bags. anyhow, over the years I collected tons of totes. I loved the simplicity, the grab-and-go factor to totes. yet each bag makes its own fashion statement, with either a graphic or designer logo, a quote or even a mix of color. yes, I'd say a tote bag is the most underrated accessory rarely seen on the streets of LA and Europe, in seas of Louis', Gucci's and Birkin's. why not keep things simple for a change, and trade in your designer leather for a colorful canvas? here are some ideas to get you started. also, read on to see the preview of the YSL Manifesto collection and worldwide tote bag giveaway/promotion in LA and how I got my free tote!

The Feed Foundation FEED2 Kenya bag, handcrafted in Kenya by a co-op of women and deaf Kenyans, includes a $100 donation to the United Nations World Food Programme's School Feeding Operations in Kenya | $225 here
Jack Willis
Whaston shopper bag, $24 | here
Lauren Moshi
butterfly skull rey tote, $110 | here
See by Chloe
leopard floral reversible canvas tote, $175 | here
Victoria's Secret Pink
animal print tote, $19.50 | here
'La Manifesto' tote bags for SS2011, the eighth edition 'Manifesto' was conceived by creative director Stefano Pilati | preview here
“I want to create a wider influence for the message that is being sent from the catwalk, by taking imagery of the collection and giving it to people on environmentally friendly paper in the street without targeting a specific demographic,” Pilati said in a statement

yesterday March 5th, the YSL SS2011 Manifesto made its debut on the streets of paris, new york, london, milan, tokyo, hong kong and los angeles. each of these cities was gifted 2,000 canvas totes along with a SS2011 campaign lookbook, BUT it was certainly a mission impossible for my friends and I, as the YSL girls were nowhere to be found. we scavenged the streets of santa monica in hopes of getting our own canvas totes. here's how it all started:
  • 10:00am tweeted @: "When will you be in SanMo Place?!" they replied to me via direct message, telling me to follow them on their Facebook page to get the low down on locations. I checked out where they would be in los angeles - their 1:45 stop at Santa Monica Place mall was perfect giving me enough time to get dressed & rid of my hangover.
  • 1:20pm headed over and got to the mall at 1:45 on the dot. problem was, my friends and I had no idea where the distribution would be. after walking aimlessly, we soon began seeing large, black books marked with the YSL logo. the black tote bags also made appearances but were sporadic - had they run out already?, I thought. thankfully, no. after approaching these random passerby with the coveted totes and books, we learned the distribution location was in fact at the Santa Monica Pier, not the mall as their facebook page indicated. what gives?
  • 2:15pm we get to the pier and see a few tote carriers, but no distributors. no one else seemed to be on this YSL mission other than us, something was seriously wrong with this picture - how are completely random people getting these totes that they never even knew about, while we are frantically searching high and low for them? we were not leaving empty handed. we literally walked around the pier for about 20 minutes when we finally decided to just head back to 3rd street. maybe the YSL girls made their way over there by now, who knew?
  • 2:45pm I reached my boiling point and decided to flag people that looked uninterested in their totes and found a 30 yr old woman that seemed so, but when I offered her $5, she refused. however, after deliberation she came to her senses and offered me the bag for however much I was willing to pay her for it. I gave the girl $8. now I have my tote and I didn't leave empty handed. thankfully, another one of my friends flagged down some dude that obviously didn't give two shits about YSL so he gave it to her for free. bi-winning


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Thanks for the SNL link! I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry...he had the accent right on though.

I did something like this the other day. Caught the 3:30 train after getting out of school at 3:15 in the snow and made it to Barney's to meet Guillaume Henry from Carven.
Doing things like that makes you feel so ~connected~ to the fashion world, even if it's just a tote bag.
Too bad they didn't give them out in Chicago.

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just about the best break-down on canvas tote bags i've ever seen! canvas tote bags can be so practical. i love wearing a simple totes, they are my go to bag for a day at the farmer's market. awesome blog girl!

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