Friday, March 4, 2011


Da Vida Brasil e Italia
Flair Italy March 2011
Shot by: Jean-François Campos
Styling by: Vittoria Cerciello
Model: Sophie Vlaming

via fashion copious


Anonymous said...

wow, this is such an interesting editorial!
I've never seen anything like it!
I love the textures :)
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Sally Kamille said...

absolutely FANTASTIC fashion photos!
this is why i want to become a photographer.

Gabrielle said...

gorgeous editorial. I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

Death By Shoe said...

These are such gorgeous photos, I love the earthy vibe they have to them. The first one is my favorite!


Gabrielle said...

omg, love this editorial the colours are amazing

Kathleen Carla. said...

woww, these are just aamazing shots!! i just love how they're not like in a studio but outside in the real world! and i love the bright colors in her clothing. and even more so, the model is gorgeous! thanks for sharing this girl!! :) PS. I think I'll add one of these photos to my Tumblr! (will link it back to your blog) ;).

<3, Kathleen.

H.McGee Photography said...

this editorial is gorgeous! i love the colours!

Anonymous said...

♥Love your blog♥

Marie said...

Fun styling and fab hair!:D

***** Marie *****

CVNT said...

What a stunning model. Fuckin' wish I looked like this!
Cool blog btw!

Lauren said...

Haha, this is exactly what Brasil is... Not really but it's a sweet editorial!!

Sparrow & Urchin

ching said...

wow this editorial is brimming with culture! i like it a lot..and her eyes are stunning!

Julie said...

Wow, I love these photos! Especially the color and high pass effect. The 5th photo is kind of odd to me, for some reason. I do agree about her eyes though. & her hair! So lovely.

Teresa said...

There's a little too much HDR used in this editorial. That girl looks almost fake that it freaks me out! ;) But the colors are so rich and beautiful.


shabby said...

Wow! I personally love the look of this photoshoot. It's slightly overdone, but I think it works! That model is incredible. Thanks for sharing, I think I'll save for inspiration! :]

xx shabby

MarieChérie said...

greatgreatgreat editorial!

SC said...

Great, right? A very creative shoot!

Love your blog too ;)

x Following!