Thursday, January 20, 2011

unconventional art

since I love all art, not just fashion, I wanted to share a couple of great pieces I came across recently and hopefully these will inspire you as much as they did me...

Russian artist duo Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich created these incredible paper-based sculptures based on everyday scenes across different cultures. I love that they created a Beatles sculpture, and the boy & girl airplane flirt (below) but there are a ton more that also tell stories. check out this mafia scene with raw meat hanging from string or this boss screwing his secretary.

tons more to see here.

though somewhat of a weird concept, the photography of James Reynolds's "Last Supper" is quite gripping to me. the British photog documented the final requests of former death row inmates, replicating these meals on prison trays using portions that were actually the maximum amount for prisons.
"I'd like to think that the photographs make them think, what thought that is, I am not sure, as I myself had more thoughts the more I looked at them. What would my last meal be? What kind of people were these prisoners? Why did they choose that particular meal? What crime did they commit?"
see the rest here.

there are plenty of things we can do with human hair - make them into wigs, braid, weave, even design clothes (remember this Lady Gaga number?) among these crafts is one that I find most unique. Seattle-based artist Adrienne Antonson created these insects using only human hair and glue. so detailed and realistic, I was first disgusted since I hate creepy crawlers, but so amused that she captured the life and being of these insects with, of all things, hair!

"As an artist with a deep interest in sustainable and self-supporting systems, human hair seems the most immediate and true material. I find the historical implications and various uses of human hair fascinating. I am also intrigued with the attraction/repulsion response the material evokes. It is sentimental, challenging and honest."

looking for more ants or grasshoppers? see them here.

I love reading the Urban Outfitters blog and the other day, I stumbled upon this entry about "the Paper-Cut-Project." founded by Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry a year ago, their highly-detailed paper creations have made it onto the runway, catalog and window display campaigns, including a collection of animal masks for Herm├Ęs and rightfully so. these things are pretty awesome.

to see more paper art from Salk and Flurry, click here.


Milly said...

really interesting post!

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Fashion Monstre said...

ohhhh! i want one of those bugs- so so cool!!!

Tazz Gault said...

Ooo my days I love art like this! Although th ebugs are kinda creeeepy haha.

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JJ Casas ( said...

Love that photo series of the last meal eaten by inmates! So simple but with a powerful backstory to be discovered.

Love At First Blush said...

Definitely different blog post from the norm.. but I'm liking it!

I especially love the Paper Animal Masks. So much food for thought.