Saturday, January 1, 2011

& I owe it all to you

black eyed peas "time"
this song was really the theme of the Eve, and I'd like to think it was all because of me (I requested it to the DJ)
what was everyone's New Years Eve like?!
I usually never - actually, scratch that - I NEVER go out on New Years. really, the closest I've been to going out is getting alcohol & dip at the market. since my flight from Texas to SF was the night before, you can imagine how tired I was...I'm exaggerating the tiredness just a little...but I wasn't really planning on hitting the nightlife so conveniently, a resto/bar closeby that's owned by a dear friend was throwing a NYE bash so we went. in sum: free booze, free munchies, old friends & family, belly laughs, creepers, confetti, confetti covered hair, balloon popping, fist pumping, sore feet, and good times.
happy 2011! how was everyone's NYE?!


Reg said...

happy new year, dear! looks like you had such a fun night! i love your headbands!!!


guccilily said...

aaaah looks like so much fun! Happy New Year! woop


klaudii said...

this photos^^

Henar said...

Lovely pics, you all look great there!! :)

ediot said...

happy new year!
great photos there, looks like a nice nye.
hope you're off to a sweet start of 2011


Martina Gallo said...

Happy NY!
Fantastic blog.
I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
Thanks =)

MsShamz said...

looks like you had an awesome night hun!
happy new year xox

Hannah said...

Spontaneous nights are always the best! My NYE was slightly more ghetto than yours but still amazing.

MsShamz said...

you're welcome dear, thanks for the comment as well! I'm following you and would love if you'd follow back! looking forward to future posts! xo

jemina said...

Oh How FUN was your NYE party!!!
Thanks for sharing

Happy New Year

Wishing you Love & Happiness


Sharina said...

Fun fun photos! I felt your NYE celebration from them! :) Happy new year, gorgeous!! :)

Shilpi said...

Loving these pictures, you look like you're having so much fun!



Callahan Brooks said...

you all look like you had so much fun! just come across you blog, its really lovely! ill be following. x

20 York Street said...

Your NYE looks absolutely fantastic!


Happy, Happy New Year!