Friday, December 31, 2010

twenty eleven

whoa, baby
I just got back from my short trip to Austin, TX. always a treat.
anyway I can't believe it's already New Years Eve!
2010 was....interesting - to put it mildly. I wouldn't account this year as my best but there were memorable moments in there, no doubt.
here's a look back:

soror times | senior yr | travels [nyc, austin] | vegas | fam times | hs friends 

may 2011 be more spectacular than the year before it


Carla said...

Awesome blog!

Redhead In Law

Blondes on a budget said...

Your blog is so cute
thanks for the comment.
I'm following you !!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AH I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. They're so New Years..y. I love the first one with the balloon, SO FUN.

And I love that song. (even though I hate the BEPs. I will admit that it gets me PUMPPPIN.)