Wednesday, October 27, 2010


it was my birthday yesterday and unlike the other ridiculous college birthday celebration I've had in the past, I took this year as an opportunity to finally embrace the fact that I am now 22, out of college, in the real world, and still recovering from my epic 21st birthday which resulted in me spending the next day in the emergency room.

that was a year ago and I have grown. meaning, I am over going buckwild in the clubs. no hollywood, no hermosa pier, just a mellow night at a local bar with good food and good company. that's my definition of the perfect, post-college birthday.

my 'rority sister, me and my pinot grigio ... wearing my Winter Kate silk cardi

the Michael Kors rose gold watch has been in my dreams for a year so I was ecstatic that my mother ever so kindly gifted it to me. to finally have my own is kind of unreal. first off, I'm not a watch-wearer. any watch that has been on my wrist for the past decade(s) has either been embarassing (remember baby-g?) or not functioning (as equally embarassing). so I'm glad that I now have a watch I can wear on the daily. go ahead, ask me what time it is.

another great birthday gift was the L.A. sun coming out yesterday (and it's even brighter today!) along with my latest news story on taking the #1 spot on our 'top stories.' couldn't have been a better day. now if only I can sleep in longer....


Jason laucht said...

Happy belated Birthday my dear!
welcome to adulthood lol
great watch! lucky u!

Krissy ♥ said...

Happy 22nd birthday, Colleen! :)

JJ Casas ( said...

Happy birthday bud!!! Hope you had a good one! =)

Anonymous said...

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The Girlie Blog said...

Happy belated! What a beautiful watch!

Mcmaris said...

Congrats & Happy Birthday

Follow me home said...

like your blog a lot

Alice Heide said...

What a great and special blog you've got here!

Tjeck out mine too,

Take care.

AliceH said...

Birthdays are fun, and lovely.. but they can be overrated. The minute something drags me down on my birthday its exaggerated by 1000% hey!

But you are beautiful, now and then.


kirstyb said...

love the pics xxxx