Tuesday, May 25, 2010


we're all too familiar with tattoos and their growing popularity. whether deemed as taboo or high fashion, there's no doubt that the tattoo is a serious part of all cultures. and it goes quite unnoticed, even forgotten. I also find it very interesting that despite so many cultures that embraced the tattoo as an artform, somehow the mainstream/westernized culture took a left turn and sees it otherwise. I assume 100 years ago the women pictured below were the forerunners of tattoo as taboo, being part of freakshows & all. still, many view people with full-body tattoos as freaks. but really, wtf do we know?

if you think about it, there really is a fine line between something that's trashy and classy. if there's anything the media has taught us, it is how to differentiate between the two. looking at the pictures above, the tattoos really do look like art and are beautiful in black & white. however when we come across images like this, it's hard to hold back from purging. though it's hard to not judge a book by its cover, the fact that we do it all the time when we see tattoos speaks a lot about the kind of culture we live in.

Karl Lagerfeld bridges taboo with high fashion with removable tattoos. this is a whole other thing to examine because the tattoos are obviously not permanent, they don't fully stand for the extremes people go through to get tattoos, nor necessarily believe that what they put on their body means something to them other than the fact that it's Chanel and it's trendy. whatever, bottom line: it's a step closer to accepting this artform.

images via trendhunter & neonsignsofhappiness

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