Monday, May 17, 2010


" is the mentality of people who wear clothes, how the clothes react to the body in either way physically and mentally.."
-Tomihiro Kono

I stumbled upon Metal Magazine online and found an article about Tomihiro Kono, a Japanese hairstylist turned designer, photographer, etc. Kono designed this installation in London that is a representation of the constricting nature of humans through birth and death - where clothes constrict us from seeing "real beauty" and where, in death, we finally have mental freedom.
"in the moment that we are born in our mother's foetus the act as restraining our body begins and with it our all whole life wearing clothes or seeking another way of beauty,making ourselves look beautiful."
though a tad radical, Kono does have a point. the more we buy in to consumerism, the more our actions and beliefs are governed by collective thinking (which isn't always a bad thing, but it gets rid of individuality). read more about this piece here and if you come up with any other interpretation please share!

Constance Jablonski in iD summer 2010

via modelcouture

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