Friday, October 9, 2009

coco cocoon


why did I just find out about this new handbag line for chanel??


I love how Lily Allen has become an inspiration for fashion-she sort of disappeared for a while but now that she's changed her image, somewhat, she's back & better than everr

you know how much I love dorky items turned fabulous. I definitely need these. if only there was a fanny pack...

view more of the collection here


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Chanel luggage? YES Please. I think Lily + Karl = Fun! Cool blog!

We'll be back!
Come take a sneaky peek chez nous...
Have a lovely weekend :) <3 TBAG

Fashion Monstre said...

thanks for your comment and i love your blog too!! its so inspiring!

hannahlizabeth said...

shiiit a chanel fanny pack would be so sweet!

i love lily, almost as much as i love karl.


lowra said...